Welcome To The Family

An oldie but a goodie...

Founded in 1977, PROGUARD is the oldest and largest hockey and skating accessories company. Our mission is to design, develop and deliver products that enable success for our retail partners and customers. We are committed to growing both the game and business of hockey and other sports. We believe that sports serve society by providing vivid examples of excellence.

Hockey is a family game and PROGUARD is a family business.

In 2018, PROGUARD assumed new ownership and a new management team led by Mike O’Connor. Mike grew up in a “hockey family” and he’s spent his entire life around the game. He played youth hockey in Minnesota and collegiate hockey at the University of Vermont. In many ways, PROGUARD’s ongoing dedication to serving the players, parents, coaches, refs and other stakeholders of the game is in honor of Mike’s father, Bob O’Connor, who was known by legions of Minnesota and USA hockey player s simply as “O’C.”