Swanny's NHL Hockey Lace Necklace - 20"

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Swanny's NHL Hockey Lace Necklace- 20"

  • Braided with ACTUAL Hockey Skate Laces. Swanny's took hockey skate laces and braided it together using team colors to make a fantastic hockey braid!
  • Durable & Washable - Keep your stuff clean. Stick this in the laundry with your other clothes and you'll have a fresh necklace.
  • Made in the USA - You will love the soft, handmade feel and USA quality every time you wear it.


926N            Anaheim Ducks Necklace 20"                                  
931N            Arizona Coyotes Necklace 20"                                
901N Boston Bruins Necklace 20"
902N            Buffalo Sabres Necklace 20"                                 
903N            Calgary Flames Necklace 20"                                 
907N            Carolina Hurricanes Necklace 20"                            
904N            Chicago Blackhawks Necklace 20"                             
929N Colorado Avalanche Necklace 20"
924N            Columbus Blue Jackets Necklace 20"                          
925N            Dallas Stars Necklace 20"                                   
905N            Detroit Red Wings Necklace 20"                              
906N            Edmonton Oilers Necklace 20"                                
927N            Florida Panthers Necklace 20"                               
908N            Los Angeles Kings Necklace 20"                              
909N Minnesota Wild Necklace 20"
910N            Montreal Canadiens Necklace 20"                             
917N            Nashville Predators Necklace 20"                            
911N            New Jersey Devils Necklace 20"                              
912N            New York Islanders Necklace 20"                             
913N            New York Rangers Necklace 20"                               
914N            Ottowa Senators Necklace 20"                                
915N            Philadelphia Flyers Necklace 20"                            
916N            Pittsburgh Penguins Necklace 20"                            
918N            San Jose Sharks Necklace 20"                                
919N            St. Louis Blues Necklace 20"                                
920N            Tampa Bay Lightning Necklace 20"                            
921N            Toronto Maple Leafs Necklace 20"                            
922N            Vancouver Canucks Necklace 20"                              
923N            Washington Capitals Necklace 20"                            
933N            Winnipeg Jets Necklace 20"